Chief Christopher Belcolle

Captain Michael Lizzi    

Sergeant Matthew Kent 
Sergeant Robert Colussi
Sergeant Wendell Simpson

Patrol Officers
Patrolman Brian Prunk

Patrolman Arthur White 

Patrolman Justin Fierro 

Patrolman Brian Bourke 

Patrolman Matthew Gough 

Patrolman Vincent Ariano 

School Guards
Henry Liegeois



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L.E.A.D. Officers - Alpine Public School
Patrolman Arthur White,  Patrolman Vincent Ariano


"A Child is Missing.org" (ACIM) 

Please click on the logo for more information on this

valuable program so that we can protect our children! 




ICE Operation Predator iPhone App 


2022 Burglar Alarm Application & Renewal Forms  
Applications will be mailed to all alarm holders during the month of January 2022.  Please thoroughly check the alarm information that is currently on file and make any necessary corrections to the alarm data & emergency contacts list.  Return the application to the Alpine Police Department along with the applicable fee of $25 payable (check or money order) to the Borough of Alpine.  It is important that the alarm information on file is accurate so that we can make the appropriate notifications as necessary following an alarm activation.  If you haven't already done so or are new to town, please submit your 2022 Burglar Alarm Application as soon as possible.  Should you have any questions regading 'false alarm' procedures, please contact P.O. Matthew Gough (mgough@alpinenj.org).

Resident Census Form
- You can now download & complete a Resident 
Census Form and drop it off at the Alpine Police Department.  All of the information is voluntary and kept 'confidential' at police headquarters.

Alpine Police Resident Census Form (pdf)

Resident Special Needs Registry - To better assist residents who may require special accommodations during an emergency, please download & complete the following form and forward to the Alpine Police Department.  This information will allow the Alpine Office of Emergency Management to assist you in the event of an extended power outage or other emergency.

OEM Special Needs Assistance Form (pdf)




Use of Alpine School Property - Use of school property, indoors or out, may only take place if a group has filed a "Use of Facility Application" with the Alpine Board of Education and provided the necessary supportive documentation which includes proof of insurance.

click here to download file

Police OPRA Records - Alpine Police Department Open Public Records Request Form and instructions can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Police OPRA Records Requests (pdf)

Project Lifesaver - This is a service offered by the Bergen County Sheriff's Office which helps provide rapid response to save lives.  The program is a rescue service that trains, equips and deploys members of the Sheriff's Office to assist local police agencies in locating individuals who may wander from home and become lost due to confusion and memory loss.

Project Lifesaver Brochure

Project Lifesaver Application

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