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Orange & Rockland Weather Advisory 

How to Report an Outage

If you experience a power outage, don’t assume that O&R automatically knows about it. You can report it and check to see when your lights will be back on by:

  • Visiting from any computer or web-based mobile device
  • Accessing O&R’s mobile app from your iPhone, iPad or Android device – download via Apple Store or Google Play
  • Text messaging by texting “OUT” to 69678 (myORU)
  • Calling 1-877-434-4100

How Restoration Works

Once it is safe to assess storm damage and begin service restoration, O&R crews will give priority to making repairs that clear major community roads – work that also restores power to a sizable number of neighboring customers. At the same time, crews will restore power to critical and emergency facilities (police and fire stations, and hospitals, for example). Then, crews will focus on getting power back on to those locations that will return electricity to the most customers quickly. Crews then will work their way down to restore smaller outages and individual customer’s outages. The following video describes the typical storm repair and power restoration process:


Be Safe

O&R urges its customers to stay clear of downed electric wires. Don’t go near any downed wire. Assume it is energized and dangerous. Call O&R immediately toll-free at 1-877-434-4100. If the situation requires urgent action, call your local police to divert traffic until an O&R crew arrives.


Important Safety Tips

  • Maintain a distance of at least 50 feet from downed wires and anything they are in contact with including puddles of water and fences. Supervise your children so that they are not in the vicinity and keep pets on a leash or otherwise secure.
  • If a fallen wire is draped over a car, do not approach the car and make rescue attempts. Remain a safe distance away and try to keep the occupant of the vehicle calm. If possible, emergency personnel should handle the situation.
  • Pole-top transformers – those small grey-colored metal drums attached to the wires at the tops of most utility poles – also should be avoided when they have been knocked to the ground.
  • Portable generators pose a serious hazard if used improperly. They should be used and installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A wrong connection could feed electricity back through the lines and endanger our repair crews. Never plug a generator into a wall unit, use it indoors or set it up outdoors near open home windows or air-handling vents.
  • Have emergency equipment within reach – portable radio, flashlights, spare batteries, first aid kit, cell phone and important medications. Keep O&R’s toll-free number 1-877-434-4100 near the phone to report power outages.
  • Remember: if the base station of your cordless phone plugs into the wall, your phone will be unusable during a power outage.

In addition, O&R personnel have been instructed to ensure all safety protocols when responding to emergency calls to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus. O&R asks members of the public to maintain appropriate social distance when they encounter O&R employees working in the field, to provide for mutual safety.



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Optimum/ Altice Weather Advisory 

To report internet, TV or phone service outages, customers can visit My Account  for service updates. Customers can sign up to receive service alerts via text or voice message, restoration timing and other updates. They can also:

  1. Message Optimum at 


Tenafly / Alpine Chemical Awareness Prevention

The Tenafly Chemical Awareness Prevention (CAP) Website

Please Follow Precautions with Wildlife


Coyotes are now common in this state ~ there are more than 3,000 living in New Jersey and have been sighted in 390 of the state's 566 municipalities.  All sightings should be reported to the Alpine Police Department so that this information can be compiled and provided to the New Jersey Department of Fish & Wildlife.

According to the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, the following additional steps should be followed:

1-   Never feed a coyote.  Feeding coyotes puts pets and other residents in the neighborhood at risk.
2-   Feeding cats outdoors can attract coyotes.  The coyotes feed on the pet food and also prey on the cats.
3-   Put garbage in tightly closed containers that cannot be tipped over.
4-   Remove sources of water, especially in dry weather.
5-   Bring pets in at night.
6-   Put away bird feeders at night to avoid attracting rodents and other coyote prey.
7-   Pick up fallen fruit and cover compost piles.
8-   Parents should monitor their children, even in familiar surroundings, such as back yards.
9-   Install motion-sensitive lighting around the house.
10- Clear brush and dense weeds from around dwellings to reduce protective cover for coyotes. 

If you observe coyotes in the daytime that show no fear of humans or if a coyote attacks a person, immediately contact your local police

and the Division of Fish and Wildlife at 908-735-8793; outside of normal business hours call the DEP Hotline at 877-WARN-DEP.



For more information, please click on the following link sponsored by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish & Wildlife

NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife - Coyotes in New Jersey








Notice to Snow Removal Contractors - Pursuant to Borough Code 192-25;  "No person, firm corporation, owner of property, employee, agent, contractor or other persons at any time shall place or plow snow or ice upon a public street or thoroughfare within the Borough from which snow has been plowed or removed by the Borough's snow removal equipment or personnel.  Any violation of this provision shall be deemed to create a hazardous condition.  Any person violating the provisions hereof shall be issued a summons."

Borough Ordinance 192:25-27; Snow Removal

Thank you for your cooperation 

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