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Tree Removal
Application & Reports


Tree Removal Permit Application< click here
In accordance with the borough’s tree ordinance, the Environmental Commission (EC) routinely conducts inspections prior to the removal of any regulated tree. A regulated tree is any living tree having trunk caliper of six inches or greater measured at a height of four and one half feet (forestry method) above natural grade. Application for a tree removal permit is to be submitted to the Building Department and must be received at least 7 days prior to the inspection. Inspections are conducted on the 4th Thursday of the month. The fee schedule for removal of live, regulated trees is:
(1 to 5 trees - $100.00) (6 to 10 trees - $150) (11 to 20 trees - $350) (21 to 50 trees - $500)
(51 and over - $1,000 plus an additional $100 for each additional 5 regulated trees or part thereof)

If the Property Owner is removing any
dead/diseased/dangerous trees, photos of the dead/diseased/dangerous trees must accompany this application along with a drawing showing the location of the trees. Application for removal of a dead/diseased/dangerous tree is required, however, no permit fee or EC inspection is required.

If a contractor or tree expert is removing any
dead/diseased/dangerous trees, a letter from a tree expert certifying the condition of the trees must accompany this application along with a drawing showing the location of the trees.

If this application is made in conjunction with a Building Permit, 5 Site Plans, sealed by a licensed architect or engineer showing the location, species and condition of the trees to be removed and the trees remaining, must accompany this application along with a cash or surety bond.
In addition, a Pre-Inspection Checklist is required as noted below.

Pre-Inspection Checklist to Remove Live Trees (for building permit)< click here
Required if Tree Removal Permit is made in conduction with a Building Permit.

Alpine Mandatory Recycling Requirements
Owner's Contractors Applying for Building, Demolition, Tree or Similar Permits that will result in the generation of solid waste, particularly debris and/or vegetative waste must comply with Alpine's recycling laws. To comply, two simple forms are required at project start and finish to list the materials removed from the work site (tree parts, heavy metals, concrete/asphalt, wood scraps, etc.). Weight/volume receipts verifying materials are taken to legitimate recycling/reuse/salvage facilities must be provided.
For additional questions on recycling, please contact Stu Davis, Recycling Coordinator c/o

Recycling/Waste Management Information Form - Project Start< click here. Submit this form at the same time you submit your initial permit application(s) providing contact and project information.

Recycling Tonnage Report for year 2019 < click here. At project end (or annually by March 1st for prior year of multi-year projects) complete and return this form providing details on actual materials generated, cubic yards or weight in tons and end market. In regard to tree removal, materials to be reported include the following line items for YARD MATERIAL / VEGETATIVE WASTE:
ID#17 Brush/Tree Parts - Branches and wood chips generated from residential and institutional sources (e.g. storm damage and pruning activities).
ID#20 Stumps - Unfinished wood from commercial land clearing activities. NOTE: This material must be recycled at a registered, exempted or pending "Class B" recycling facility.