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Tree Removal
Application & Reports


Tree Removal Permit Application< click here
In accordance with the borough’s tree ordinance, the Environmental Commission (EC) routinely conducts inspections prior to the removal of any regulated tree. A regulated tree is any living tree having trunk caliper of six inches or greater measured at a height of four and one half feet (forestry method) above natural grade. Application for a tree removal permit is to be submitted to the Building Department and must be received at least 7 days prior to the inspection. Inspections are conducted on the 4th Thursday of the month. The fee schedule for removal of live, regulated trees is:
(1 to 5 trees - $100.00) (6 to 10 trees - $150) (11 to 20 trees - $350) (21 to 50 trees - $500)
(51 and over - $1,000 plus an additional $100 for each additional 5 regulated trees or part thereof)

If the Property Owner is removing any
dead/diseased/dangerous trees, photos of the dead/diseased/dangerous trees must accompany this application along with a drawing showing the location of the trees. Application for removal of a dead/diseased/dangerous tree is required, however, no permit fee or EC inspection is required.

If a contractor or tree expert is removing any
dead/diseased/dangerous trees, a letter from a tree expert certifying the condition of the trees must accompany this application along with a drawing showing the location of the trees.

If this application is made in conjunction with a Building Permit, 5 Site Plans, sealed by a licensed architect or engineer showing the location, species and condition of the trees to be removed and the trees remaining, must accompany this application along with a cash or surety bond.
In addition, a Pre-Inspection Checklist is required as noted below.

Pre-Inspection Checklist to Remove Live Trees (for building permit)< click here
Required if Tree Removal Permit is made in conduction with a Building Permit.

Recycling Tonnage Forms Packet < click here

Recycling Requirements are Mandatory Pursuant to State Law   
For all owners/contractors applying for Building, Demolition, Tree or similar permits
that will result in the generation of solid waste, particularly construction debris and/or vegetative waste
TONNAGE REPORT DEADLINE: Due annually on March 1st (for the preceding year January 1st - December 31st)