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Landmark Tree designations
Rare … Old … Historic… Ornamental Exceptional… Significant...
Do these words describe a tree on your property?

If so, you may want to nominate that tree for Landmark Tree status. Alpine’s Tree Ordinance provides a special designation for trees that meet specific requirements to warrant being called Landmark Trees.
The process is simple. A tree may qualify for Landmark Tree designation if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The tree species is rare.
  • The tree is more than 100 years old.
  • The tree has exceptional height, trunk diameter or drip line for its species.
  • The tree location, shade value, fragrance, erosion control, aesthetic feature, or scenic enhancement is of special importance to the borough’s character or property of the owner.
  • The tree is a rare ornamental or flowering tree.
  • The tree has historical or cultural significance.
Once a tree has been approved for Landmark status by the Environmental Commission (EC), it is added to the Landmark Tree Register and, with the owner’s permission, can be distinguished with a beautiful plaque complements of the EC. Alpine currently has 4 trees that are designated with the Landmark status. Click here to see our register.

Why nominate a tree, you may ask? There are many reasons.
- Show pride in your tree and garden
- Record your tree’s distinguishing characteristics for posterity
- Encourage others to be environmentally conscious by honoring a tree in your yard
- Gain recognition for a tree you cherish
- Share your tree with the community . . . .

Submit your Nomination Form to the Alpine Building Dept,
Borough Hall, 2nd floor.

The Environmental Commission thanks you for valuing your natural resources.

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