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Vines on Trees


Learn how to remove vines from trees -
Be on the lookout for vines crawling up the side of trees. Overall, they are a source of competition for the tree roots and rob sunlight, nutrients and water; invite pests, decay and disease; hide structural problems.

• Vines restrict leaf access to sun and moisture, destroy foliage and in time, kill the poorly nourished tree.
• While soaking up needed water, vines provide homes for damaging insects and other pests.
• The extra weight, from the vines, can make the tree top-heavy and prone to falling during harsh weather.
• Decay can go unnoticed when hidden by vine foliage.

The most environmentally friendly approach is to cut the vine near the ground repeatedly as it grows back. On occasion, the vine can be pulled out by the root. An alternate method is to wet the ground the preceding evening (to make sure the ground is moist), and dig out the roots the next day. When necessary, use a glyphosate concentrate product according to manufacturer instructions.

Look around your garden. You, and your landscaper, can easily save a tree this way! A trellis, not a tree, is the best way to appreciate vine coverage.

Learn how to remove vines from trees

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