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Tree Bill of Rights


Know your tree ordinance

The Borough of Alpine's Master Plan recommends "encouraging a creative design approach to save existing trees" and "to mandate the replacement of trees that are improperly removed from a site". The Alpine Tree Ordinance (Chapter 205) is intended to implement the Master Plan recommendations as well as protect the quality of life and character of the natural and built environment.. Key provisions of the ordinance are illustrated below. Click here for a summary page of these provisions.

Application for a permit to remove trees should be submitted to the Building Department. In the event replacement trees are required, please check out our Tree Buffer Guidelines.

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Chapter 205-1B
Definition: Regulated Tree
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Chapter 205-1D(1)
Tree removal permit required.
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Chapter 205-1D(2)
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Chapter 205-1E(7)
Buffer areas.
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Chapter 205-1E(4)
Limits of removal.
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Chapter 205-1F(1)a
Protection of regulated trees.
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Chapter 205-1E(2)a
Formula for # of replacements.
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Chapter 205-1E(2)c - f
Size of replacements. Note: The number of replacement trees can be reduced if larger than 4" caliper deciduous trees or taller than 8' coniferous trees are used.