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The Story of The Old Tree
How to Print


A Tree Story & Coloring Book for Kids
(Courtesy of DeCarlo Tree Masters, Cresskill, NJ)

1. CLICK on this link to access the booklet file and then SAVE it as a PDF onto your desktop in order to open it with Acrobat Reader.
2. OPEN the PDF FILE with Acrobat Reader and PRINT on letter-sized paper using a double-sided printer with the following parameters: (✔︎ Print All ) (✔︎ Actual size) (✔︎ Print on both sides of paper) (✔︎ Flip on short side) (✔︎ Landscape). See Print Panel at bottom of this page. Note: If you do not have a double-sided printer, print the odd # pages (1 thru 13) then flip the group of pages and print the even # pages (2 thru 14) on the reverse side.
3. CHECK the printed pages to be sure they are stacked as shown (cover followed by pages 1 thru 6.
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4. FOLD the group of pages vertically in the center to form a booklet.

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5. BIND the pages through the vertical fold with staples . . .

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or punch holes and tie together.

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Print Panel for double-sided printer

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